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Rebaelliun was formed in 1998, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande Do Sul (Brazil), with members of the former Blessed (1992-1996).  Blessed ended up precisely because of the lack of perspective and Rebaelliun was set up thinking about really working intensely in the underground scene around the world. Founded with Marcello Marzari vocal / bassist, Fabiano Penna and Ronaldo Lima on guitars and drummer Sandro Moreira, with six months on the road, released their first work: the Promo Tape “98”, independently.


They performed their first European tour, with 20 concerts over three months. Due to difficulties with contacts, Rebaelliun went to Europe with no concerts scheduled, which were scheduled moth to mouth, show after show. After the European tour, Rebaelliun returned to Brazil with two goals fulfilled: the tour and a signed contract with Hammerheart Records, from the Netherlands. This contract earned the band four releases: the two Ep’s At War and Bringer Of War, and the albums Burn The Promised Land and Annihilation. After the tour to promote the EP Bringer of War and before recording Annihilation, Marcelo Marzari leaves the band and joins Lohy Silveira in his place.


In 2015 they announced their return. The return to having the band as a hobby was never considered, releasing material every five years, doing half a dozen shows and taking the band with no goals, no programming. Fortunately, care was taken to preserve the band's name while it was stopped and so they could come back and with the support of many fans. The following year, The Hell’s Decrees album was released, again by the label Hammerheart Records, with the cover art done by Marcelo Vasco, well known for his work done for bands like Slayer, Kreator and Soulfly. With several shows this year promoting the album, they participated in the renowned European summer festivals, Party San, in Germany, and Brutal Assault, in Czech Republic.


In 2018, they lost guitarist Fabiano Penna shortly after a successful tour in Europe. Fabiano had a generalized infection caused by an unknown bacteria. Evandro Passos came in his place and they returned to the stage after a few months of preparation. It is undeniable how strange it was to do a show without Fabiano Penna, but they went ahead, because there was a lot to be done and that was certainly what Penna wanted.


On 02/13/2020, just before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the city of Porto Alegre hosted the Noisy Bazaar Special Edition Festival that took place at the classic Bar Ocidente. As an unmissable event for Death Metal fans: they make a special show with former members Marcello Marzari and Ronaldo Lima, and the show was recorded for a future video release. The presentation had nostalgic airs, recalling the beginning of the career, in 1998.

The Covid-19 period was terrible in many ways for artists in general, no one expected that the pandemic would take so long, so the band did what most bands did, lives streamings and compose new songs, in 2021 the band recorded the album titled Under The Sign Of Rebellion.

In 2022 the band played at Netherlands Deathfest, in Holand. Some weeks later,the band is 
surprised again with a lost of another member, the bassist and vocalist Lohy Silveira due a cardiorespiratory arrest.
The remaining members decides to continue honoring the legacy of its founders and call musician Bruno Añaña to assume bass and vocals. In this second half of 2022 the band continues
with its show dates and preparations for the release of the new album through the Polish label Agonia Records.

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